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In 2011, AZ Investment Promotion and Management was established in Minnesota, USA. Its vision and mission is to help implementing and developing projects that enhance quality of life by finding the right people to do the job and following up on accuracy, growth, and sustainability. In the globalization era with the DMC initiatives and Mayo Clinic, Rochester will attract more international visitors. We believe the U.S. economy is one of the most stable economies in the world. That makes Rochester visitors seek investment opportunities along with meeting their health needs from Mayo Clinic, the well-recognized international healthcare provider.

Rochester, MN is small city in North America, the home of Mayo Clinic which draws more than 3 million visitors to Rochester MN per year.

Mayo Clinic,  the City Rochester, and the State of Minnesota together initiated a $6 billion unprecedented development plan called Destination Medical Center “DMC” to transform this small city into an international zone in order to sustain the #1 rank that the Mayo Clinic hold in the healthcare field. More information about the Mayo Clinic can be found in this website: www.mayoclinic.org and for the DMC, addition information can be found in this website: www.dmc.mn and the diagram below;
Ahmed Elkhalifataha
M.B.A(Project Management) with extensive
International work experience

OMAN Development Bank (14 years)
Former Executive Experience:
Senior Credit Officer, Project Analyst, Branch Manager as well as an auditor for projects and loans.

⦁ AHL Investments (5 years)
Founding Member and served as the development lead.

⦁ US Bank (11 years)
Rochester, Minnesota

⦁ Oxford Management (6 years) managing $35 million real-estates and working in $400 million developments.

⦁ Developed projects including hotels, tourist attractions, universities, private clinics, as well as industrial projects.

⦁ Developed joint ventures such as Oman and Korea Chemical Industries.
Community Participations:
​​⦁  Rochester Area Foundation RAF First Homes Board Member

⦁  Heart of the City Community Advisory Committee member

⦁  Border State Bank Rochester Board Member

⦁ DMC Ambassador