⦁ Research and Technology: Bio-Tech

The Mayo Clinic spends more than $660 million in research and technology every year. The results of these research projects are organized under Mayo Clinic Venture "MCV". More than two thousand new ideas are in need of commercialization. Commercializing bio-tech products will be arranged with MCV regulations and require the following processes as mentioned in the MCV website  http://ventures.mayoclinic.org
AZIPM opens the opportunity for investors through unique secured proposal that offers exit policy within 5-7 years with total invested capital.  

During this 5-7 year period, a minimum equivalent of 2% of invested capital will return to investor, anually.

Generally, recorded ROI in the Bio-Tech field varies from 19.88% , 132.49 %, 245.09 % , and up to 1126.73 %
 To achieve that the initial required fund is $250 million, with minimum scale of $50 million

Currenlty, AZIPM researchers lined up for bio-tech development.
Our Partner

Mirghani Aljaali
Graduate of TSU & Vanderbilt Universities. Science & Medical Technology
·         International business executive with 25 years of experience. 
·         Founder & CEO of Prince International, LLC. 
·         Former member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Global Advisory Board.
·         President of Universal Real Estate Dubai 2011- 2017
·         Realtor (Iowa Realty/ Berkshire Hathaway) with Local & International sales /purchasing negotiation Expertise.
Community participation 
Member of Iowa City chamber of commerce